The Wolf Man Hand Embroidery

This iconic poster has hung over our bed for years. [Well, OUR version is not nearly this pretty. Ours is missing all four corners and has an “I leave bite marks” stickers over his mouth.]
I digress.

Wolf Man Poster

I have always loved the contrast of the blue and yellow and figured it was time to recreate furry Chaney Koko Kreepies style! Here is what we came up with:

Koko Kreepies Wolf Man


Koko Kreepies Wolf Man

Wanted to keep the cost reasonable, so had to find a way to create texture and volume with his hair without having to do his entire face. I almost scrapped the entire piece, but decided to bust out my trusty seam ripper first. A few ripped stitches later, I was blown away at the effect the ripper had on the floss.


Koko Kreepies Wolf Man

The final piece is finished with a brown fur trim around the hoop for added furry goodness!

Keep an eye out for our version of The Wolf Man (and so much more) at our booth at the 2013 HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati!