Real Men Play with Dolls

Real men play with dolls, which is why our fiber art dolls make PERFECT gifts for Father’s Day. Here are just a few of our favorites just in time for Father’s Day!



Derek the Retired Strongman

Derek the Strongman Derek the Strongman 2


Derek was a famous strongman in his prime. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for lifting a bus full of 86 midgets for over two hours. During his victory dinner, Derek went a little too heavy with the celebrating and suffered a Guinness Book of World Record-sized heart attack. During his bypass surgery doctors saw damage to every one of his internal organs. Luckily all his friends, family and fans were able to donate their organs to save Derek. Doctors had no choice but to stitch him up with a zipper for easy access.

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Gingle the Alcoholic Clown

Gingle the Plushie Clown Gingle the Alcoholic Clown

Gingle was a circus clown who was kicked out due to his drinking problem. Now Gingle stands on street corners with a sign “Will make you laugh for money.” He averages about $6.85 a day, just enough to keep the shakes away. Help him kick the habit!

Now available on Etsy!


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